My pots are live on Etsy and available to purchase here:


I took me a little while to figure out my images, but I believe they are greatly improved. I cahnged both the ‘set’ and the lighting so now they are more true to color. I still have a few of the older images on Etsy which I will be swapping out in the coming days.

In addition to new images I have a group of new pots, just out of the kiln this week, like the one above. This bowl is one of my black clay pots, which I am just loving. The tone is rich and varied, and the contrast between glaze and clay surfaces gets me in my pottery sweet spot.

This is a much better image of this lovely little bowl, which to me captures the crystalline character of the glaze. Yummy, like frosting, with lots of clay character evident under the white.

Love these too, playful and sweet, and larger than mugs I usually make.

More pots coming soon, maybe by Friday. Head over to Etsy and let me know what you think!

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